About us

REMINDART’s mission is bigger than to express our passion through products, but to empower by educating, inspiring and motivating people. We aim to bring enrichment to the everyday routine. We believe it is the little reminders in our daily lives that can make a strong impact on our mood during the day, ambitions for the month or simply to remind us to enjoy life and believe in our dreams.


We call our products reminders. Why? Because this simple word has a bigger meaning and we just love it. Being constantly in a hurry it can get difficult to keep ourselves dedicated and motivated to stay on the right track to getting closer to our personal and professional endeavours. These little reminders are always here to connect us with our purpose and help us stay focused to create the life we truly desire. Greatness lies within any of us, we simply have to be reminded of that.


is a company founded by an ambitious couple chasing their dreams with passion to create a meaningful and enriching lifestyle brand. Striving to make the most of our days in a productive and fulfilling atmosphere inspired us to bring REMINDART to life - a concept offering purposeful and elegant stationery, planners and other home and office products that aim to uplift our life, keep track of our ambitions & achievements, and, most importantly, to remind us to live a life with a positive and forward-looking mindset.


REMINDART’s mission goes beyond expressing our creativity by designing beautiful products, our true aim, is to inspire you, motivate you and empower you to find purpose and love in what you do. We create each product with a specific purpose so that it transforms your everyday routine into a fulfilling and enriching journey where everything becomes alive & meaningful. 


Our products span around décor and stationary products such as designer plannersenriching posters in elegant framespurposeful notepads & notebooks, stylish accessories – but nothing like the traditional ones you probably have in mind right now. What makes ours so different is that they are crafted with a clear purpose and a lot of efforts & love in sharpening every little detail. There are no limits to our ambitions and we aim to keep crafting and imagining new products enriched with purpose, love and meaning.


One of our key products is the INSPIFRAME – enriching posters in elegant frames. Decoration pieces can bring calmness simply by finding them the perfect place in our home. Our INSPIFRAME combines the effect of mindful poster and a statement & luxury frame. It is the final touch to your interior to:

  • Add a bright spark in the office, living room and bedroom
  • Enjoy creativity by designing the perfect wall decoration
  • Match frames in pairs to visualize powerful message and stronger meaning
  •  Simply create the atmosphere you wish for – comfort, art, motivation

Check out our inspirations, ideas and recommendations for home & office art here.


Have you ever thought that a simple writing of yours could have such a meaningful impact on your desires? There is so much more within us that we can benefit from by expressing ourselves. Our purposeful stationery aims to give you an infinite space for your special thoughts. Do not be afraid to write down your wildest ambitions, dreams and plans - the opposite - we encourage you to do so! This is why we have prepared small guides part of every stationery. Decide on your ambitions, work hard, celebrate every step forward and share with others.


We try to build simplicity and purpose, among all, into every product we create. For those of you who prefer to stay true to the minimal and simple, yet elegant design, we made the organizational stationery. Its charm comes from the beautiful and clean design giving you a perfect lay out to fill with your ideas and memories. Make most of every word and page inside.

Open your heart and unleash your powerful mindset.