5 easy ways to stay productive & organised

5 easy ways to stay productive & organised />

It is not an easy task to stay well organised and productive throughout the whole course of the week. We want to share simple and easy, but promising tips on how to escape the zone of distraction
and get back on track with your tasks.

1. Plan 

is the halfway to success! Find your own space where you can plan your days and work towards achieveing your goals. Without planning, your day becomes a mess and nothing is clear and consistent  in your head. Get a planner, notebook or desk calendar, or simply do it online - it is totally up to you how you will manage it.

Here we can recommend our most preferred planning tool - PRODUCTIVITY SET. 

2. Prioritize 

The more successful you become, the busier you get. However, your day is the same as it has always been - no less time or more time. In order to accomplish your tasks, you have to separate and prioritize them. An urgent task is not always the same as the important task. Find a way for you to allocate your tasks in specific time intervals and you will see how convenient it will be.

 Check out our GOLD STICKERS - they might help you when you assign your tasks by importance.

3. Track your tasks

One of the main purposes of planners and organisers is to track and analyse what you have done. Is what I have done this week better than last week? Analysing and seeing what time you are left with and where you could possibly add more tasks can lead to more accomplished ones.

4. Dedicate 'Me time'

Sometimes, we think if we force ourselves and work without any pauses, we will accomplish the task in time. It is actually better to have a small break, look outside the window, go for a short walk and re-charge. Pause, make your favourite type of coffee, have a small, but quality break for lunch. Even a small amount of time can help you get back on track and energise you to be even more productive the rest of the day.

5. Love What You Do

We all know pretty well how precious time is. So let's try and spend it filled with moments that excite us. Above all, we must find what drives us, motivates us and keeps us satisfied. It is absolutely fine if you still don't know what it is, you eventually will. Timing is different for everyone, so just keep looking for it!