Take a peek inside and leave the rest to be a surprise to you! We promise you will fall in love with it as soon as you touch it.


REMINDART PLANNER Delicate Sensation


REMINDART planner©

Our purpose is to spread inspiration through meaningful & elegant products and right now, you are looking at one of the most special ones. We created this planner with so much love, passion and special attention to every single detail so it can have the greatest purpose for you.

Welcome to the world of REMINDART & YOU.

The REMINDART planner is not a typical planner, but it is meant to be your personal space filled with success stories, emotions and reflections. Remind yourself daily of your ambitions and make small steps towards your biggest goals. Don't doubt the effect of planning your time, you will be convinced it is actually highly rewarding.

A weekly undated planner that you can start any month of the year. You can jump into it whenever you feel ready to embark on the REMINDART journey. All you need is an open mind, a desire to try new things and awareness that you can improve your performance with commitment and effort.

Just follow our messages and let your heart guide you further.

C O V E R 

A resilient and high-quality cover with gold foil that is built to last for continuous use throughout the year. Once you touch it, the soft and gentle feeling will not let you leave your thoughts for later.

  Delicate Sensation  

A subtle pastel pink shade with a delicate sheer white lace and gold foil detailing.


  Mystic Garden  

Deep dimmed shades combined with florals in peach and pastel tones and gold foil detailing. 



·   Self-discovery questions 
·  Morning & evening routine page
·  Year at a glance 
· A Memorable word for every day of your year
· Key goals
·  Monthly grid, highlights, habit tracker and goals
· Monthly notes page
·  Weekly overview with focus on space, notes for the week, to do and key weekly tasks
·  Horizontal layout - separate space for every day of the week
·  Act - Reflect page monthly 
·  Monthly project space
· Quote of the month on a special page
·  Tips, pieces of advice and challenges 
·  Quotes space
·  Things to remember 
·  Bucket list space
· Space for two bigger projects

Pages: 264 pages
Planner size: 20x24cm
Paper: white 90 gsm
Cover: Hard cover 
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Designed & made in Europe
 All rights reserved.

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