Measures of Success

Measures of Success />
Whether we are in our twenties or forties, life can feel elusive when we are in constant pursuit of dreams, goals and destinations. Meandering back and forth between the past and the future can often almost unnoticeably turn us into fugitives from our own best self. However, we do know that our own best self is within us, only needing some polishing, attention and inner guidance. Take an exceptional notebook and establish the paradigms of your story, the story of your personal success. read more

12 Wildest Ways to Use Washi Tape

12 Wildest Ways to Use Washi Tape />
The antique paper craftsmanship - the actual creation method of washi (‘Japanese paper’) - boasts a UNESCO heritage status. Washi is usually made from bamboo, hemp or the bark of the gampi tree, mitsumata shrub or mulberry bush. The colourful multi-purpose tape which uses this paper originally arrived on the market in 2006 as mt masking tape, the sole offering of the century-old family company for masking ribbons Kamoi Kakoshi. read more

The Perfect Workspace

The Perfect Workspace />
Do you know how to optimise your workspace in such a way as to increase your productivity, feel inspired and empowered every time you step into that space, and finish every work session with a sense of success? At REMINDART, we have the perfect workspace design know-how and will share some of our top secrets in this latest idea curation session. Our surroundings wield an unspoken influence over our mood and can deeply affect our health, well-being, creativity, productivity and even professional and personal relationships. How we design our workspace is both a matter of science and personal preferences, but mostly, it is all in the details! read more


Everything begins with a dream, with a vision, with an idea. If we haven't woken up to our inner strength, we are still probably guided by ideas that swim like fish in the deep that we don't know of. But for those who know that the spring of creative force lies eternally within them, we know that dreams and visions can be guided, shaped, given life and grown into something more fascinating than the scope of our own active imagination. Those are dreams that make us feel alive, grateful and resourceful daily, and make life taste sweeter with every milestone and every challenge. read more

Learn Japanese Methods to Organise Your Home and Office

Learn Japanese Methods to Organise Your Home and Office />
Her name is Marie Kondo - the world-renowned Japanese de-cluttering master, bestselling author, and mother of two. The 33-year-old internationally acclaimed organising consultant has won the hearts of millions and transformed countless homes and minds through her joyous and infectious approach to tidying up based on timeless Japanese values, the KonMari Method™. Her 2011 book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ has turned into somewhat of a de-cluttering bible and can really shift a person's thinking with some admirable simplicity. read more

5 Reasons Why You Need a To-Do List

5 Reasons Why You Need a To-Do List />
Living an inspired life requires a daily investment of energy, focus and time. Developing the right habits for a powerful mindset, success and abundance is not always straightforward: first of all, we sometimes discover the value of certain habits later on in life, and second, it takes time and effort to re-wire our brain and change the way we function daily for the better and long-term. In this idea curation session, we emphasise the importance of keeping a to-do list and reveal the 5 everyday life-altering reasons to maintain one. read more