Elegant & meaningful STATIONERY

There is so much more within us that we can benefit from by expressing ourselves. Our collection of planners, notebooks, pens and other stationery products aim to give you an infinite space for your special thoughts. 



Enriching posters in elegant frames in gold - Golden Arrow Collection. Review our posters in a golden frame. Inspirational quote frames.


Matched together, our purposefully designed planners, notebooks and stationery products will bring the empowering feeling of REMINDART to a new height. A perfect gift idea or an influential complement to the office or home of every decor or stationery loving person, our distinct sets carry a powerful message combined with an exceptional design. 

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A concept created with love.

We create every product with a specific purpose so that it transforms your everyday routine into a fulfilling and enriching journey where everything becomes possible. Our planners and other paper and stationery products make it possible to see every moment as a new opportunity, every action as a step closer to reach your dreams, and every thought as a tool to harness positivity.

Golden Arrow Collection

Explore our posters with gold details, frames in gold, stickers and other paper products. The collection is characterised by the flying pattern of a golden arrow. The arrow flies in shifting directions portraying the continuous search in life for purpose, meaning, love and happiness. 

Roseway Collection

Our second collection brings in more vivid colours and love in every detail. Roseway collection comes with a gentle touch on evey product and accessory. Explore the variety of stationery items - rose gold and gold clips, stickers, washi tapes, pens and pencils and more. 

One of our key elements is the INSPIFRAME – an awakening message in a graceful golden frame. Home is where the heart is, that is why we make products that can fit particularly well in your personal space and create not only a beautiful atmosphere, but also a soothing and productive ambience.

Our philosophy

Creating and keeping a positive mindset is the key to manifesting all of our dreams, that is why we create products that will inspire you every time you will look at them and positively affect the course of your day, to keep you in the right mindset. These little reminders are always here to connect us with our purpose and help us stay focused to create the life we truly desire. Greatness lies within all of us, we simply need a little reminder from time to time! Open your heart, free your mind, unleash your power.

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Measures of Success />

Measures of Success

Whether we are in our twenties or forties, life can feel elusive when we are in constant pursuit of dreams, goals and destinations. Meandering back and forth between the past and the future can often almost unnoticeably turn us into fugitives from our own best self. However, we do know that our own best self is within us, only needing some polishing, attention and inner guidance. ...

7 Power Thoughts: How to Do More in Less Time />

7 Power Thoughts: How to Do More in Less Time

They say that working smart is better than working hard. At REMINDART, we believe that working with passion and purpose can translate your efforts into a gift to yourself and the world. It is a matter of new habits, thinking creatively and setting up a comfortable and empowering framework through intention, planning and efficient management. Here are our 7 Power Thoughts to help y...

How to Stay Energetic During the Whole Week />

How to Stay Energetic During the Whole Week

Staying true to the best course of action in our daily endeavours is only easy and straightforward when we have the energy and clarity to do what we have made up our minds to. The grand ideas that move us need the small sustained efforts and little daily adjustments that maintain our aim straight.